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As twitter and retweets are becoming more vital and popular among the design community I thought I would start to make some fun retweet icons for your sites. I have started with these seven and will make some more at request.

Does your site need a World of Warcraft retweet icon or a geeky style retweet bird? Let me know by commenting and I’ll create some more custom icons for everyone to use.

You can download a zip file at the bottom of the post with all the current icons in png transparent format. There is no need to attribute us but any links back will be appreciated.

Now with more of your requested Retweet icons! Be sure to request one by commenting.


Retweet offer a smaller version of the retweet button below so you can use it with these icons. The small button will fit anywhere so go crazy!

<script type="text/javascript">
size = 'small';
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.retweet.com/static/retweets.js"></script>;


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    Bytewire Ltd says:

    Hello there,

    These icons look great! However I read that you would create some other ones upon request! How about a gangster style re-tweet for our online gangster game? That would be really cool and of great use to us! Is that possible?


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    Annie McLoughlin says:

    Love these retweet icons, especially the ‘sick’ retweet. I find the bird with the axe a little bit disturbing, I’m sure the poor little retweet didn’t deserve it.

    I would love to see you create a baker retweet, making lots of little baby retweet cupcakes.

    Look forward to seeing what else you come up with.


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    Complexmind says:

    Wicked man! Would love to see one based on Tux, our beloved Linux penguin!

  4. Reply
    Harry says:

    Great stuff when I get a chance I’ll get a Tux one made. @Annie love the sound of little retweet cupcakes!

  5. Reply
    Lafe says:

    One for musicians would be great! Playing guitar or harmonica or hanging on a staff…

  6. Reply
    Harry says:

    Thanks Lafe, no problem I’ll get working on these few now :)

  7. Reply
    Complexmind says:

    Tux looks “tweet as a nut” mate :)


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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by twittes1, Flo Stuermer, Gerald Stangl, Kristina Murphyand others. Kristina Murphy said: RT @sixcrayons http://bit.ly/2RnS7G [...]

  9. Reply
    Annie McLoughlin says:

    Haha, I love them, thanks for the cupcake one :) !

  10. Reply
    Jen says:

    Love the guitar one Harry :)

  11. Reply

    These icons are so cool. Such a great idea

  12. Reply
    Lafe says:

    Thanks for the musician icon! Birds do sing….

  13. Reply
    Durkin says:

    Is it possible to get one with an old fashioned camera for my camera blog?

    Awesome icons btw!

  14. Reply
    Harry says:

    Hey Durkin Yeah no problem I’ll sketch one up in the next few days ;)

  15. Reply

    Heh heh, these are cool, already a couple of horror themed ones.
    If you’re still taking requests could you have a look at my site (click name) and up the top there’s a dead Twitter bird, but maybe you can make something else?
    Maybe a zombie twitter bird or a different dead twitter bird?
    My red colour scheme is a bit difficult to stick a blue twitter bird on though. What about a non-blue version? Obviously a big ask, so no problem if not.
    What do you think of my social media icons too? A different style to what you do but go quite well with the site I think.

  16. Reply
    Harry says:

    @ZombieCommand love your site. The guys here at the office all love anything zombie. I will try and get round to making the two requested icons today :)

    BTW love your little undead and tombstone social icons.

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    Rhianne says:

    Wow what a talent you have Harry… I’m so envious.
    Can you do a Retweet surf dude birdie? My friend’s son has a surfing business here on Gower and would love it if I presented him with this. ‘Sam’s Surf Shack’ Rhossili, Gower, South Wales. http://samssurfshack.com/
    Thanks sooo much.

  18. Reply
    Harry says:

    Heya guys I have updated your new Twitter birds. Hope you like them! :) @Rhianne I have surfed Rhossili, but cannot remember the shop there. Thanks again guys!

  19. Reply

    Ha ha, quality.

    The backgrounds aren’t transparent though, makes using them on a non white site a bit impossible.

  20. Reply
    Harry says:

    I’ll edit them all now and take all the backgrounds out for everyone :)

  21. Reply
    Rhianne says:

    The family run the Bay Bistro, which is situated on the left before you get to the Worm’s Head Hotel and directly opposite the large car park.
    I have to say the icon is amazing, thank you sooo much it’s incredibly generous of you to give your time in this way.
    I really appreciate this, and Sam will too!
    Diolch yn fawr iawn! xXx

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    Subrato Paul says:

    WordPress[dot]Com doesn’t allow retweet button. So I intend to add a text retweet request along with your icon. All my blog posts in future will have your icon.
    But one small request, please remove the zero. Otherwise one may think that no one has retweeted this post.

  23. Reply
    Mia says:

    :D These definitely are making me smile right now – how ORIGINAL of you to give them all a ‘ persona ‘ - and the Retweet button is just awesome ! Kudos 2 U :D Great site btw *

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    First off… awesome icons you made. You’re very talented. Second, could you make one for us musicians out there? Maybe one holding a microphone?

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  26. Reply
    Mark Pepper says:

    I love your work, especially the guy with the camera. And my girl fell in love with the zombie bird. Thanks for your offer!

    Greetings from Bavaria


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