How often should we really blog?

I ask myself this question all the time lately, as I now run a few blogs. I got back to work today after my Christmas and New Year break, opened my RSS reader and found that some design sites had written up to 30 blogs! I mean doesn’t anybody have a break over the holidays? I personally enjoy more or less totally stopping and spending time with my family and friends.

At one point I was going to prepare SixCrayons a post to release over my break then decided against it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing blogs and tutorials but because I feel I have worked hard this year and I do now need a few weeks of doing absolutely nothing on my computer.

I needed to concentrate on having fun and seeing friends. It also gave me a chance to focus on my other hobbies, such as photography.


How are any smaller design blogs supposed to compete with this manufactured never ceasing churn of posting? Well I don’t think we are meant to. I found myself reading the few posts Web Designer Wall and other smaller blogs had written rather than the 30 odd posts Psdtuts had produced as they were of a better quality.

If I have seen ‘The top twenty Photoshop/Illustrator/Website tutorial blogs of 2009′ once, I have seen them a hundred times. There is only so many times I can see the same sites listed for being awesome before I grow tired of seeing them. I suppose what I am trying to get across is I think we need to be blog “less” for the sake of it and blog more consistent original blogs.

For example let’s please have less inspirational giving posts. Let people find inspiration for themselves. That after all is where creativity, originality and real talent comes from. By all means give lists and ways of finding inspiration but photograph after photograph of surreal landscaping and architecture is a bit uninspiring after a while.

I cannot think of one single original work of art that is not derived from earlier sources and is completely unique. We all need inspiration but maybe we need to stop over posting it. Other peoples ideas should be taken and used. Everyone will use them differently and therein lies the artistic genius.


So how often should we really blog then?

As long as you are original with your posting and not repetitive then I think you may post as much as you want. As long as 80% of your posts are not lists of other peoples design posts and icons. By all means Tweet and promote each others work but list after list is becoming daft.

As “bloggers” we are not all at the same scale of PSDtuts and other large sites who are able to pay designers $300 a post for their sites. This is where our challenge lies. We have to produce better quality articles than these sites. I have spoken to many people running successful design sites and they all say the same thing; Once you have a few well written, challenging articles,  success and popularity will eventually follow.

So…. for us small time bloggers it is all about the quality not quantity.

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    Shiggy says:

    Excellent post. Much agreed. The spate of “best of” lists recently has just left me feeling dizzy. I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

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    Graham says:

    Harry, someone had to say it and you did.

    I must say that I totally agree. It is such a waste of time wading through repetitive lists and same old same olds.

    Nice one :^)

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    [...] Once again I find that I am contradicting myself. Yesterday I wrote a blog about how much we should really blog as designers. Also the fact that people blogged way too much over the Christmas period. I go on to outline what people should blog less about such as lists and inpiration giving posts. You can read the article on my other blog SixCrayons. [...]

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    Ted Goas says:

    yep, starting to see this trend as well. More and more designers are writing editorial, thought-provoking pieces rather than creating list posts and gallery articles.

    I like it… I’d rather think and leave a thoughtful response rather than be inspired and leave a comment that says ‘great article, thanks’.

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    Jake says:

    Our site started with the approach of writing a new article everyday. It’s not always possible, but in our niche most other sites post once every few weeks, so we try to set ourselves apart by ALWAYS having new content. It seems to be working well so far, in fact, the other bloggers in our niche may not write their own posts daily, but they comment on ours quite frequently.

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    Mike says:

    The amount of times certain blogs update is ridiculous sometimes. But at the same time, I can just skim the new posts in my rss reader and only browse to the posts that sound interesting. As I am a new blogger myself I asked myself the same questions you did. I think I’m just going to post when I post and if my blog grows, it grows. If not, I can still use it as an outlet for my thoughts.

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    completely agree, is there ever any downtime? Have some time off and feel like you’ve missed so much

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    [...] than I can say for this blog.) Illustrator/designer over at SixCrayons Harry Ford recently wrote a great little blog post about the slew of “best of” and “top 20″ lists that clogged our RSS readers [...]

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    Have to agree with you, I love to read blogs, I learn from them and honestly most of them inspire me to be at my best but sometimes, they are also duplicate of other blogs I’ve read. That is very disappointing as a reader and followers of blogs. It was nice of you to remind bloggers about that, it’s not how how many you posted but how unique and helpful their content are to its readers. Kudos.

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    Harry says:

    @Graham Glad you feel the same way.

    If it is a list site then you know what to expect but too many of these larger design sites do let themselves down with too many list posts.

    A lot of them tend not to be very original either.

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    Jtlofty says:

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular basis :)

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