What the iPad ‘could’ bring to designers

After a few weeks of shifting through iPad related posts I have come up with my own! Ohhh Nooo I hear you say, well hopefully this won’t be too predictable.

The iPad has been designed and created for media consumers. It is not geared towards the design community which is probably why we have had such an outcry about the usability of Apple’s new product. It runs the OS software the iPhone uses and not full OS X which is seen as a big let down by designers. Using the same software as the iPhone means that like iPhone the iPad will not allow multitasking.

The size of the device however I really do like. I like the large bezel around the edge it has be thick because of the way it’s held! Not quite sure why everybody keeps slagging this feature so much. The size of the screen is perfect for browsing sites I really don’t think there will be too many arguments about its outstanding browsing capabilities.

What the iPad does not have is a real usefulness and an area it can currently fill and help me with my design. Which brings me to my main point…

How Adobe can help the iPad and themselves

A few days ago Steve Jobs had an alleged rant about Adobe in a meeting screaming:

“Adobe are f#cking lazy! AHHHHHHH” – something like that

His comments were aimed mainly at Flash the fact he thinks it is buggy and this being the reason for not incorporating it into the iPad or the iPhone. Also saying the progress of HTML5 will make Flash more or less pointless for online videos.

However what he may have created with the iPad is the opportunity for Adobe to create a program/app so good for designers I think every designer would want it. If Adobe did get their finger out of their arse and created a PhotoShop app capable of allowing illustration with a pen straight onto the screen it could revolutionize the way we work.

It would turn the iPad into an awesome Wacom almost incomparable to other Wacoms. Small, sleek, sexy, it’s constantly connected to the internet, affordable, and most importantly, it could be superbly productive. For an app like this I would pay up to £200 for.

If you were able to create an illustration or a design layout within a PhotoShop app and then have the ability to save out the PSD you could put it on a USB device upload it to your main computer or even upload it on Dropbox through their free app on the iPad.

This wouldn’t be Apple going into the Wacom market it is them allowing programmers to make apps within the iPad that gives it the same ability’s of a Wacom. It would be small enough to carry everywhere in your rucksack/large handbag. You would be able to sketch down ideas while on the train in the park or even sitting in the pub!

The iPad already does have a working illustration app called Brushes which you draw with your finger. I personally feel this app just isn’t a strong enough reason for me to even think about buying the iPad as it is still so limited with layers and does not allow the creation of vector images.

I’m no genius when it comes to saying how the iPad will do sales wise but even if the iPad had just this one app, I would buy one and I have a feeling that a lot of designers illustrators out there would too.

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    John Mattucci says:

    Wow great idea, and thanks for opening up another view about Adobe being lazy. Perhaps the state of affairs between Adobe and Apple are both their unwillingness to bend for one another?

    I’m not going to lie, if the iPad had an app that used a pen like a wacom tablet, I would seriously consider purchasing the iPad & App. But I couldn’t deal with any less functionality than what I enjoy when using Photoshop & Illustrator…touch OSX please? ;p

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    Shiggy says:

    If this hypothetical iPad Photoshop app ever does come into existence, the question that really needs answering here is:

    Would a Wacom-style pen peripheral for the iPad contain anywhere near as much pressure-sensitivity for it to be even comparable to a “real” Wacom tablet?

    If not, and it’s basically just a substitute for a finger-tip, then I’m not interested. I’d rather wait for Wacom to develop a more portable Cintiq.

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    Harry says:

    @John It still would be a huge problem the lack of multitasking, you would feel so slowed down when you wanted to flick between your browser and the app.

    @Shiggy Pressure-sensitivity does not exist on the iPad as it does with the Wacom screens. The iPad relies on the electro magnetism of your finger (touch) for it to work.

    Unless they built a pen with a nib that relayed the pressure then pressure-sensitivity will never really exist on the iPad.

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    [...] However what he may have created with the iPad is the opportunity for Adobe to create a program/app so good for designers I think every designer would want it. If Adobe did get their finger out of their arse and created a PhotoShop app …Continue Reading… [...]

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