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At last the official instrument of Zelda has come to the iPhone! I have always dreamt of the day I could roam around the land playing my very own Ocarina, opening secret caves and calling horses to me willy nilly.

Well now I can do it and for only £0.59p! This app seems to have filled a huge void in my life! My girlfriend on the other hand now wants to break up with me as she realizes the full extent of my inability to please a woman. I thought four hours a night serenading her on my (pretend) wind instrument did it for most girls but obviously not. Owell I still have my Ocarina!

From some of the reviews I have read I think some people have taken the Ocarina app a little too seriously saying absurd things like:

Now any idiot with no Musical talent thinks they can play this thing like a pro!

So what?! I think these people need to chill as this app is totally for the lolz. Even though I am thinking about making a band of 4 Ocarina players called ‘The Ocarinas’ because I am so damn good at playing it. Just think of the groupies!

Here is a little recording I made of myself playing last night can you guess where the songs from? Don’t worry you will not be as good as me right away, it takes practice. ;)

Listen here

So how does this app work?

The Ocarina is sensitive to your breath, touch and movements. Blowing into the microphone at the bottom of your iPhone creates a flute like sound then holding down any of the touch sensitive holes on the screen makes sweet music. You can even tilt your iPhone/Ocarina to change vibrato rate and depth.

You can listen in on Ocarina players all over the world just by tapping the globe icon at the bottom of the screen. Ocarina fans from all over the world have posted hundreds of free easy–to-read scores at http://ocarina.smule.com/.

Buying this app will make you friends, help you learn probably the best musical instrument in the world and gain you the trust and respect of all woodland creatures in Hyrule which is helpful in case you get lost. So Buy it and get jammin.

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    Mark Sutton says:

    don’t give up your day job fella!

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    Harriet Farrell says:

    The sexiest looking, most wicked, most capable,most debated, outrageously expensive music synthesizer in the world, at the time of this writing. It is made by renowned instrument company Korg. Incorporates a Pentium 4 motherboard running Linux, a color touch screen and its also a hard disk recorder, sampler and a mixing console among other things. Its price, rather than its capabilities, have been the subject of many hot debates among musicians on the net, giving it a publicity that already made the OASYS a cult instrument.

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