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Top Games on the iPhone

With all the recent bank holidays I had a lot of sitting around to do. So I went on a mad spending spree on iTunes and the app store, movies music and games! The below games are the few I really enjoyed and thought were worth purchasing.

Angry Birds £0.59

Angry Birds is a catapult game where you assist several angry birds as they seek revenge on a gang of egg-stealing green pigs. Angry Birds is currently the top paid for app in the app store. For good reason as well it is probably the best illustrated app and by far the most addictive game I have played having sunk hours and hours of my time into playing it.

The most exciting news is that The Angry Birds team has announced they will be releasing an update very soon for the game with 40 new levels. They have even released a new trailer for the game that is easily one of the best iPhone game trailers I’ve seen. Love the music!

[youtube video=zIFk9epuyW4]

Doodle Jump £0.59

I really like simple style games like Doodle Jump and Angry Birds more then the big console style games. They just seem to work better on the iPhone so you can have a quick 5 minutes on the game while you are waiting for the bus, train or girlfriend to get ready and not get too engrossed in an in depth story plot.

The aim of the game is to basically get as high as possible. Jumping on the platforms make you jump higher and by tilting your iPhone left and right and you can adjust your characters movement. Like Angry Birds it is seriously addictive.

Fighting Fantasy £1.79

I was a huge fan of the Fighting Fantasy books in the 80′s as a kid so when I saw they had released an iPhone version of the books I just had to buy them. ‘The Warlock of Firetop Mountain’ is one they have released to good reviews. I remember playing this at night for hours under my covers with a torch and dice . Some people find the battle and dice rolling sequences very slow and annoying but I love them. I remember spending hours with hundreds of bits of paper painfully adding up my battles calculating my skill stamina and luck points.

If you love Fantasy books and enjoy spending time working out puzzles and exploring castles dungeons then this app is for you! With other books on their way I think I’ll be buying them all. ‘City of thieves’ being one of my favorite when I was a kid.

Amateur Surgeon £0.59

Amateur Surgeon was a random buy for me I loved the look of the illustrations and bought it on the bases that I wanted to hack and slash people up then mend them again (weird I know). That is more or less what you actually do in game, characters come to you in need of a surgeon and you help them with your basic set of surgeons tools, including a chainsaw, pizza cutter, Zippo lighter, stapler and a vacuum cleaner.

Once inside a patient you have to sort of guess which tools you have to use to remove certain objects or to purely heal the injured/dieing character.

Zombie Farm (Free)

This is the tackiest game of my selection but it was free so I didn’t mind downloading it and testing it out. I admit this game is not one of the best iPhone games but I quite like the illustrations and growing my own zombies so thought I’d include it.  Spending a few minutes a day tending to your zombie farm will become a tad tedious but once you have enough zombies to attack the villages and homes of people I found it all worth while.

Keep your zombies fed by letting them eat the local farm hands. Om nom nom

Pocket God £0.59

Pocket God is a hugely popular god sim on the iPhone. It was voted the best App Ever in a contest run by Jeff Scott, whose blog monitors 140,000 apps. You are the god of these little pocket people. You can change location on a map make them fish be eaten by dinosaurs throw them around drown them or maybe you can just be nice.

Pocket God was created by Bolt Creative. I have also seen a couple of app games Bolt Creative have in the pipe line that look pretty cool including a medieval sim game.

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